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Monday, July 5, 2010

No work today. I need a laugh. It's time for a joke.

I have been impressed by my attacker's intelligence as well as his craziness. This combination reminds me of a joke.

A driver hears a thumping sound from the right rear of his car, pulls over to the side of the road, walks around the car and discovers that he has a flat tire. He opens the trunk, removes his spare tire and jack, and starts setting up the jack to raise the car. At this point he notices that he is parked alongside a tall fence topped with barbed wire. There is a sign on the fence that says, "DANGER! Do Not Enter. County Home for the Criminally Insane." He looks through the fence and sees some obviously agitated people in orange jumpsuits approaching him. He assumes they will not be able to go over the fence but is nervous, anyway. He jacks up the car, removes the lug nuts and the tire, puts the good tire onto the car, and sees the four lug nuts rolling down a slight hill and then vanish into a sewer. Now he starts to panic.It's getting dark out. He is in the middle of nowhere. This is before cellphones were available. A crowd of crazies has assembled a few feet away from him, jumping, flailing and chanting incoherently. The driver feels doomed. Suddenly one of the inmates stops chanting and jumping and signals the driver to follow him along the fence beyond the other inmates to a spot where they can speak in quiet. The driver follows him and the inmate then says, "Hey mister, I have a suggestion. Each of the other three tires has four lug nuts. If you remove one lug nut from each tire and put it where you had the flat, each tire will be held on with three lug nuts and you'll be able to drive into town and go to the auto parts store to replace what you lost." The driver is very impressed, starts working on the other tires and when he finally secures the spare tire and puts the flat and the jack into the trunk, he walks over to his helper and touches his fingers through the fence to express his gratitude. He thanks him profusely, and also expressed his amazement. He says, "I just don't understand how an inmate of an insane asylum could come up with such a good idea." The man in orange said, "I'm glad to help. Remember -- just because I'm crazy, doesn't mean I'm stupid."

And that applies to my attacker. I hope he, too, is soon behind barbed wire and in an orange jumpsuit.

(Photo from http://www.onlinecourses.org/. I thank them.)

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! A perfect choice.