*Anyone can use the internet to make false accusations.
    *Some people will believe anything they read online or in print.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

An idiot commented about me

The New York Times website recently published "Ask the Experts: Managing Your Online Reputation" where Michael Fertik, founder of ReputationDefender, and Paul Ohm, a law professor at the University of Colorado, took reader questions about Internet privacy.

I explained my online ordeal, and at the end I mentioned that I was writing a book about it. It's quite common for authors to mention relevant books in online postings. There were 312 words in my posting, and just 17 dealt with the book.

Unfortunately, I received no useful advice from either Fertik or Ohm--but ignorant and belligerent "W. Smith" thinks that I wrote the book and then was harassed online.

HEY IDIOT: the book is being written about my attack. I had no reason to write it before I was attacked.

"Smith," in an effort to emphasize his intellect, says he "wasn't born yesterday."  He acts like he was born with anencephaly.

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