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    *Some people will believe anything they read online or in print.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My attacker is a pretty good opponent, but not my equal

I am an excellent hoaxer, with a long history of successful April Fools' Day spoofs and other creative fakery.

I do it for laughs, or sometimes to make a point.

Unlike the evil jerk who has been tormenting my family and me, my foolery has never resulted in death threats, castration wishes, loss of sleep, loss of business, depression, fear and the need to call the FBI and police.

I can appreciate a good scammer, and my opponent is a pretty good one. If my rating is 98, he's about 82 -- definitely above average. Even though he had me believing something in one of his blog posts for a few hours, he has a long way to go before breaking the 90-level.

He does a lot of research. He is obsessed with my writing, and searches for any tiny morsel he can choose to use as the basis for a hurtful lie. Of course, most of his lies come straight from his malfunctioning mind.

He's a pretty good writer, sometimes seeming like a journalist or an academic. He spells and punctuates better than many adults (but makes some really stupid errors). He uses a large vocabulary and appropriate cliches to enhance believability.

He's pretty good with computers. He set up a blog that doesn't allow any comments from readers, and where he is protected by a hosting company that denies all responsibility for harmful and dishonest content. He was able to temporarily block me from seeing his Facebook petition against me  The fake people he invented to sign the petition even have some real friends.

He is posing as a representative of the "Protect Our Children" organization, and sometimes sounds like a legitimate crusader who is concerned for the safety of children.

But when he writes that my house is "sleazy," and that one of my books is "sleazy" and has a "sick" tag line, and says I am a "scumbag," a "revolting beast," a "sick hairy freak" with a "hairy beard,"  and uses obviously fake identities to fill up his petitions against me, the creep loses all credibility.

His lies are so poorly executed that they make him look stupid.

He claims that there are "half-naked images of children on the homepage" of one of my websites. If anyone looks, they'll see two girls WEARING BATHING SUITS, standing in a swimming pool. Their mother was nearby, if it matters. Things that he says are in my books -- like dog rape -- are not in the book

He wrote that "Connecticut Police said yesterday they are investigating why the Pedophile is not on the child sex offenders registry in CT and have warned neighbors and local residents to stay calm and avoid Marcus, who was also a suspect in a domestic violence and DUI case dating back to December 1999 when his spouse was hospitalized with unexplained second-degree cigarette burns related injuries." Anyone who cares to check can determine that this is all warped fiction.

Hiding behind his feeble alias Mike Josephs, my attacker wrote. "Folks, it's further distressing that this CA registered pedophile and child molester, Michael N Marcus, has joined a young women's social network called SHEWRITES.COM. Why would an old man join a WOMEN'S social network? At this point it's difficult to ascertain whether this revolting beast has been grooming children /single mom's with young kids through the SHEWRITES.COM social network."

What the deceiver did not point out is that SheWrites members include old women, childless women, and even other men. The site is open to all writers. My attacker even joined under a fake female name -- but was exposed and thrown out!

His petition calls for me to be added to the "Connecticut Sex Offences Register." There is no such thing, and in the United States the proper spelling is "Offenses." He foolishly uses the British spelling and skips the period after my middle initial when writing under his multiple phony identities.

Now that I've analyzed this, I'll lower his score to 65. Once he's arrested, it drops to zero. I hope he's put away for 20 years to life.

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