*Anyone can use the internet to make false accusations.
    *Some people will believe anything they read online or in print.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's over (at least over enough)

I've decided to finish Internet HELL, a book I started years ago. It's the story of a horrible false attack on me that started on Facebook in 2010. The story finally has a conclusion -- and so does the book. It's not the conclusion I hoped for, but it's good enough. "Justice is served" and I can write the epilogue.

The book is a factual account of the attack, preceded by a fictional back story about my likely attacker.

I've been writing professionally for over 40 years, but this is my first attempt at fiction. I am enjoying the liberty of having almost no limits. What I write must be believable, even if it's not entirely true. It should be on sale in a few days.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Amazing. Two years have gone by.

Nothing has changed. No one has been caught, tried or incarcerated. I'm still pissed off, but living with the situation. The lies are still online.