*Anyone can use the internet to make false accusations.
    *Some people will believe anything they read online or in print.

Monday, June 28, 2010

WOW. More good news. I'm feeling a bit better.

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I just saw a wonderfully supportive blog post by Tyge on The Neon Lounge. I've never met Tyge, but apparently he has been reading my bookmaking blog, and has learned to believe me and trust me.

While it's nice to have support from friends and relatives, it's even nicer to have support from strangers.

Ultimately we are all members of the same organization -- The League of Potential Victims.

I've previouslyy written that "anyone can sue anyone for anything." If you can afford the cost of a lawyer, or the filing fee for a "pro-se" suit, then truth, justice and legitimacy are simply not considerations before attacking someone in court.

With websites claiming to be neutral "common carriers," with no perceived need to verify the content they publish or to consider the ramifications of publication, now anyone can say anything about anyone, and possibly reach millions!

I am certainly a supporter of free speech and freedom-of-the-press. It's ironic that the freedoms that have greatly benefited me, can also kick me in the ass.

As long as I don't get murdered by some crazed citizen whose emotions are stirred up by the still-unknown scamster, I can live with a bruised behind. It's better than sacrificing free speech.

HOWEVER, I do wish that the folks who publish websites with "open admission" would be a bit more careful about whom they allow to use their facilities.

Thanks again, Tyge.

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  1. You need a few hundred more Tyges. I'm pleased and proud to be on your side, Michael. You have always fought "the good fight," and it's inevitable that you'd attract powerful enemies.