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    *Some people will believe anything they read online or in print.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Even I got scammed. The wacky SOB lied about my books being banned by Amazon

Two of my books being sold by Amazon.com are about telecommunications, two are about publishing, two are humorous memoirs. None of them include pedophilia, bestiality or rape.

For a while on Tuesday it seemed that my books were banned by Amazon because of complaints by a lying lunatic; but along with others authors I was a victim of a computer glitch which made books temporarly unavailable.

No credit goes to the nutjob who claimed "Amazon.com removes Pedophile Michael N. Marcus's sick pedophilia book that boasts about raping a 15 year old girl.  In a victory for children's rights campaigners across America today, Amazon.com has removed all material relating to Pedophile Michael N. Marcus from their websites.

Milford pedophile Michael N Marcus was boasting about how he had underage sex with a 15 year old minor, and "contemplated sex with another 15 year old girl" in the editorial review he wrote on Amazon.com to advertise his sick pedophilia book to fellow child molesters browsing the Amazon shopping site.

In a disturbing admission, Marcus also guarantees his readers in his editorial review on Amazon, that his sex crimes are "at least 80% true". Legally, sex with minors is regarded as STATUTORY RAPE in the State of Connecticut. Latest update is that convicted child rapist Michael N. Marcus is likely involved in a Pedophile ring that is being investigated by the FBI sex offenders crime team. Local parents in Milford, Connecticut should contact schools and local authorities to ensure they protect all children from this evil and dangerous predator and child rapist, Michael N Marcus.

- Join our Facebook Petition to Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell requesting that the case of convicted Pedophile Michael N Marcus be considered for emergency review."


  1. [...]When Amazon removed the books and Author Central Page of writer and self-publisher, Michael N. Marcus, they jumped on a misguided bandwagon that has gathered some steam over the weekend. As Amazon has provided—as yet—no reason why they removed the author’s books, we can only assume they are protecting their corporate needs and do not want to be seen to be associated or linked in any way with the promotion of an author accused, only on the Internet, of being a convicted paedophile in the state of California.

  2. Michael, if this creep scammed you -- the ultimate scammer/spoofer/kidder/faker/April Fooler -- he is good indeed.

    You have a worthy oponent. Kick his sorry ass.