*Anyone can use the internet to make false accusations.
    *Some people will believe anything they read online or in print.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Progress Report (Day #5)

Facebook removed the phony petition against me. GOOD

I lost one Facebook friend. BAD

I lost only one Facebook friend. GOOD

No one who knows me believes the baloney. GOOD

SheWrites removed the phony posting against me. GOOD

SheWrites expelled the phony "Caroline Harris." GOOD

The FBI said that no Federal crime occurred and can't help me. BAD

Change.org said the phony petition against me was removed Sunday night -- but it wasn't and more people have signed it. BAD

Two people who signed the Change.org petition realize that they were deceived and apologized to me. GOOD

Tyge wrote a very supportive blog post on The Neon Lounge. GOOD

Yahoo has still not responded to my request to remove the phony posting from MyBlogLog.com. BAD

Blogger.com has still not responded to my request to remove the phony blog. BAD

No new phony postings or websites have appeared since Saturday. GOOD

I have received a lot of support from friends and family. GOOD

I was so busy dealing with this crap that I could not go to work yesterday or promote my new book. BAD

My wife and dog still love me. GOOD

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