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    *Some people will believe anything they read online or in print.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Some of the false accusations

Information for parents and mothers in the Milford, Connecticut area about the secret life BULLSHIT of Michael Marcus, a registered sex offender BULLSHIT and pedophile BULLSHIT who has served 4 years in prison BULLSHIT for sexually abusing young boys. BULLSHIT

Michael N Marcus is a dangerous BULLSHIT convicted BULLSHIT pedophile BULLSHIT and child molester BULLSHIT who raped BULLSHIT a young boy BULLSHIT in California BULLSHIT. A devious BULLSHIT liar BULLSHIT and scumbag DEPENDS HOW YOU DEFINE SCUMBAG. MY WIFE, MOTHER AND DOG LIKE ME, he is on the Child Sex Offenders Registry BULLSHIT but moved to Connecticut to start a new life. TRUE, BUT IT WAS WHEN I WAS SIX YEARS OLD, IN 1952,  SHORTLY AFTER THE PILGRIMS ARRIVED IN MASSACHUSETTS TO START NEW LIVES

Although he has served prison time BULLSHIT for luring and raping BULLSHIT a young boy in California, BULLSHIT Marcus is unfortunately BULLSHIT not on the sex offenders registry in Connecticut OF COURSE NOT. Since 1986 (before his 1st and 2nd sex offence) BULLSHIT, AND WRONG SPELLING FOR THE USA convictions BULLSHIT Marcus has run a sleazy ACTUALLY, SEVERAL THOUSAND CUSTOMERS THINK WE'RE JUST FINE phones website business, AbleComm, Inc, which is marketed as a "Family Owned Business" TRUE.

In 2008, Pedophile BULLSHIT Michael N Marcus worryingly WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? self-published a sick BULLSHIT book involving children BULLSHIT, under bogus BULLSHIT publisher  "Silver Sands Books" with the sleazy BULLSHIT tag line "DIRTY PARTS EASY TO FIND". FUNNY, BUT NOT SLEAZY  (Note the half-naked images of children on the homepage of his website) THEY WERE IN BATHING SUITS, STANDING IN A SWIMMING POOL.

Michael Marcus's Amazon review boasts BULLSHIT about "stories from school and real life" and sexual relations with an under-age minor who was a "15 year old girlfriend" at the time. TRUE, BUT SHE SAID SHE WAS 19 AND I WAS 20.


1. Marty Harris (used between 1994-96) BULLSHIT

2. Travis Smith (used in late 1980s) BULLSHIT

3. Clint Benson (uses on child pornographic/XXX websites) BULLSHIT


As part of the ongoing war on pedophiles across America, and following recent cases regarding the resettling of registered sex offenders as part of California's wider, Megan's Law procedures, we've finally managed to track down convicted pedophile BULLSHIT and child molester BULLSHIT, Michael N Marcus who is now living in the Milford Area of Connecticut.

Michael N Marcus is a dangerous BULLSHIT and sleazy pedophile BULLSHIT, who should NOT be allowed around schools or children BULLSHIT. We can reveal Mr Milford WHO??? has recently been questioned by Connecticut police BULLSHIT for downloading pornographic images of children from his computer, BULLSHIT but the charges were dropped on a technicality. BULLSHIT

Pedophile Michael N Marcus is known to keep a profile on a popular Women's Social Network, Shewrites.com, where he can contact mothers and women with young children. AND WOMEN WITH NO CHILDREN, AND EVEN SOME MEN.

If Michael N Marcus has already made contact with your child, you NEED to contact the authorities immediately BULLSHIT. Michael N Marcus is an extremely dangerous BULLSHIT pedophile BULLSHIT  and holds rape BULLSHIT and serious sexual offence BULLSHIT, AND WRONG SPELLING FOR THE USA convictions on young children. BULLSHIT

View Pedophile's  profile on women's social network SHEWRITES.COM.

Pedophile BULLSHIT Michael N Marcus is a dangerous BULLSHIT and evil pedophile BULLSHIT who has serious convictions BULLSHIT for pedophilia BULLSHIT and crimes against children BULLSHIT in California. Now he's moved to Milford, CT and is NOT OF COURSE NOT on the CT sex offences WRONG SPELLING FOR THE USA register.

Michael N Marcus is a Registered Child Molester, BULLSHIT Sex Offender BULLSHIT and Pedophile BULLSHIT. He is currently living in the Milford Area of Connecticut, with schools and kindergardens within a 50 mile radius of his house. SO WHAT? ACTUALLY, SOME ARE WITHIN A FIVE MILE RADIUS.

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  1. When the authorities nab the suspected perp, have them ask him/her to spell "offense."