*Anyone can use the internet to make false accusations.
    *Some people will believe anything they read online or in print.

Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm over it (almost)

As readers of this blog know, last summer my mostly happy life turned upside-down when I was falsely accused of some terrible crimes by an anonymous and skilled online attacker.

Neither the police nor the FBI were able to identify the perp (but I'm pretty sure I know who he is).

My life was disrupted in many ways. Friends, family and strangers provided great comfort and support. (But one person whom I regarded as a friend deserted me because he was afraid of associating with me.)

I suspended publicity for one book and delayed publication of others.

It's now nearly nine months since the shit hit the fan. I can't change the past, but it's time to look ahead. I am starting to promote the book again. Of course, I highly recommend it -- and so do others. It has received excellent reviews and I hope there will be more.

The $15.95 print version is available at Amazon and B&N. A $4.99 "PDF" eBook is available from Lulu. There's even a $1.99 eBook sampler. $4.99 eBooks formatted for the Kindle and other readers will be available soon.

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  1. Good for you. Don't let the sleazeballs get you down.